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The One Body Conference

In the fall of 2003 after a time of prayer and fasting, the Lord God spoke to Minister Brown by way of audible voice and subsequent vision, about a plan of satan. The tactic for increased division amongst God’s children. The Lord God allowed Minister Brown to see and hear with clarity over a time span of two (2) years, the manifestation of various Christian denominations (movements) declaring themselves to be the only ones living in truth. In making such declaration they were denouncing all others to be in error, as to religious beliefs; Righteousness, Holiness, Sanctification and just out right displeasing our Lord Jesus the Christ regarding the Faith.

In the fall of 2005, during the National General Assembly of the First Independent All Nation Gospel Holy Church of God in Troy, Alabama, it was revealed to the Senior Bishop and Board of Trustee the vision of God. The organization embraced the mandate from Christ Jesus and many others that were informed acknowledged and agreed to that which had been spoken. This led to the birth of the first One Body Conference gathering held at All Nation Church of God by Faith in Saint Petersburg, Florida July 2007.

“Truly we are many members but one body as well as members in particular”

1 Corinthians (12) Verses 1- 27


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